Welcome to Raja Tailor - your online custom tailor. RajaTailor.com a name that can be trusted for outstanding quality workmanship and service.

Master Tailor Bir Singh, has spent his life perfecting his craftsmanship. He makes sure that his clients leave with the comfort, fit and look they need from the clothes they wear.

Why buy a designer suit off the rack when RAJA TAILOR for the same money or less you can get a suit made to fit you perfectly in a material you want? Don't spend a lot of money on a suit that doesn't make you stand out. Work one-on-one with a devoted tailor who knows how to suit you so that you look sharp and distinguished.
A beautifully fitting suit speaks volumes about you.

"EVERY TIME I see a suit that I have cut and tailored making someone look good, I get goose bumps and I tell myself - you have done it !

What does bespoke mean at RAJA TAILOR ?
To buy a bespoke suit is to buy a suit that has been cut from a piece of cloth to measurements that we have calculated by analyzing your body shape. We are not customizing a pre-made suit (sometimes known as made to measure).

Furthermore, the tailor has used his skill, experience and expertise to imagine your bespoke suit on you whilst he makes his notes. This enables him to adjust any measurements accordingly as well as advise you on what style and cut will suit you the best. Indeed, the cut, style, color, number of buttons etc are all chosen by you. The suit is therefore made to your exact specifications, and is completely unique to you.

Why go bespoke?
There is nothing like the feel and look of a tailor made suit. Our body shapes vary considerably, and with such limited choice given to us by the shops the chances of finding a suit that fits properly are extremely slim, even for a normal-shaped person (whatever that might mean).

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Package A
1 suit
2 pants
3 shirts
All for $1100 

Package -B
2 suits
3 pants
4 shirts
All for $1750

Package -C
3 suits
4 pants
5 shirts 
All for $2400
+5% Discount + 1 shirt free

All prices include shipping & Tax.

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We are travel to USA several times a year for mail orders. Please contact us if you want to order clothes and want to see real clothes samples.

Being in business since 1980 and served customers from all over the world with the remarkable success so far. Raja Tailor is specially popular among Europeans and Americans as the owner "Bir Singh" travel several times a year to meet our regular customers and accepting orders. Please click here to add yourself in our next trip schedule.

We make all kind of Uniforms and clothes according to your choice and styles available at your request with no extra charge. Need more than 15 suits call us we will be happy to serve you at special discount. Click here to contact us.

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